What benefits will obtain your company?

    Increase in:

  1. Safety of processes and equipment
  2. Optimization of current resources
  3. Trouble-free operation of equipment
  4. Durability of equipment
  5. Economy of production resources

    Decrease in:

  1. Unexpected costs
  2. Time of defect determination
  3. Excessive reserves of spare parts
  4. Operational costs
  5. Emergency situations

Our partners

FOOD UNION, Valmieras piens Staļi, rettenmeier, Baltais

TestGeneral We offer the highest level of service in the Baltic States in providing predictive maintenance services. Equipment diagnostics is made, using wide range of different measuring instrument’s and gauges, to detect technical condition or faults in their beginning stage, thus avoiding more complicated defects and unplanned downtime of the devices, when they are eliminated in time.

To provide this service, our company uses state of the art technologies and high technology measuring instruments as well as great experience and professional knowledge. Company, that uses this kind of service, substantially can reduce its expenses of equipment using and repair.